Winning Beyond the Game: How Passive Income Can Save Guard an Athletic Coaches’ Career

athletic coach business opportunity health and wealth club May 27, 2024

If you're like most athletic coaches, you know the pressures and uncertainties that come with the job. Even with a stable position at a university or with a team, the tide can turn unexpectedly, putting your job and income at risk. What would you do if you suddenly faced a job loss or a significant pay cut? Building multiple revenue streams is essential to safeguard your financial future and achieve greater stability.

The Reality of Job Instability

You might have a stable position at a university or with a team now, but the tide can turn unexpectedly, leaving your job at risk. Remember the case of Rick Pitino at Louisville, who was abruptly fired despite his long tenure and success, due to scandals that were beyond his direct control​ (Yahoo Sports)​. Or consider Kelvin Stokes, a coach who led his team to a state championship, only to be unexpectedly replaced, demonstrating how even success does not guarantee job security​ (Coach and Athletic Director)​. What plans do you have in place to catch you if you suddenly lose your job or face a pay cut?

The Necessity of Financial Security

When faced with potential job loss or pay cuts, having a financial safety net is crucial. Through our research we uncovered three reasons Athletic Coaches believe they should establish more income streams:

  1. Job Security: Athletic departments frequently make abrupt changes based on team performance and external pressures. Ensuring you have an alternative income source can protect you from sudden job losses.
  2. Financial Stability: With multiple income streams, you can create a more predictable and steady financial future, mitigating the risks associated with the often-variable nature of coaching salaries.
  3. Career Flexibility: Diversifying your income allows you to pursue opportunities that align more closely with your passion, without the pressure of putting your financial future first.

As a Financial Therapist I’ll add that many athletes and coaches make decisions based on money rather than their passion and values. How would your decisions be different if you were able to lead with passion? When you don’t have financial security, you give your power away, whether you care to admit it or not.

Learning from the Players

With the rise of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals, many athletes are now creating significant income through endorsements and personal branding. As a coach, you might not have the same opportunities, but you can still learn from this trend. Developing your own income streams, such as writing a book, offering private training sessions, creating online courses, or even having an online store with health resources can be your way of creating a "million-dollar deal."

Introducing a New Opportunity

While establishing new income streams is essential, it can be challenging without the right support. This is where the Health and Wealth Club becomes invaluable. Your schedule is already full, even during off season. By joining, you receive comprehensive support in setting up your online store, complete with training and marketing materials that make adding an income stream easy. But the best part is, all you do is refer athletes to the store and the rest is done for you.

This club is designed to help you generate passive income through product referrals, allowing you to stabilize your finances without sacrificing your primary coaching responsibilities. You can make money while you’re at the game or even in your sleep. And the good news is…now you’ll sleep better at night. 

Click here to get more information on the Health and Wealth Club and how easy it is to turn on your new income stream. The unpredictable nature of athletic coaching demands that you take proactive steps to secure your financial future. By creating multiple income streams and leveraging opportunities like the Health and Wealth Club, you can achieve greater financial stability and career flexibility. 

Don't wait until an unexpected job loss forces you to act—start building your financial safety net today and ensure that you can continue to thrive in your coaching career, regardless of the challenges that come your way. The Health and Wealth Club may not be right for you, but wouldn’t it be better to see for yourself. By clicking the link you’ll find out if it’s right for you. If not, it may help you think of new ways to create financial stability now that you’re aware of how fragile your situation can be.

I'm Kiné Corder, the leading National Certified Counselor specializing in performance and financial therapy for exceptional men and athletes. Over the past 20-years I've been researching what it takes to live a meaningful life. Let me pour into you so you can get the clarity you've been seeking.

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