There's a code, a key, an access to unlock the transformation you seek. I have the code, but I only share it with serious athletes.
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On the SelfSync homepage, apply by giving us your best email, answer the pre-qualification questions and hit submit. 


Next, you’ll need to do two things; verify your email address and complete the application.

Click the link in the email. You'll be taken to the short 12-question application.

We want to make sure you'll be a good fit for the club and that we (and our members) will be a good fit for you. We have a very specific type of member. One who has complex needs and who needs an extra layer of privacy. I'm sure you understand.


By the end of the application, we'll know if you qualify for our newest chapter or a different chapter. You’ll either be given a temporary membership while you wait for us to create your access code or you’ll be added to our waitlist. If you're added to the waitlist, this means we’ll need more time and information to process your application.

Either way, you'll get direction on what to do next.


On the acceptance page you’ll be able to schedule your enrollment conversation. This is an important step, this is where you get your access code. If you miss this session your application will be canceled and you will not receive your access code. 

We will reach out to you, but it's also important that you take action.


After scheduling your session or confirming your waitlist spot you’ll be redirected to a resource page. Explore these resources as you await your next steps. 

You are not alone. You're in the right place and here for a reason. SelfSync Therapy will help you achieve peak performance and your full financial potential.

You deserve to win!


If you do not qualify for the current chapter, don’t worry, we likely have a solution for you. If not, we will offer referrals and alternative resources. 


If you want to know how our program works, click here to go to Our Program page. This page details out what will happen once you become a member.
To apply, click the button below to go to the pre-qualification form. 
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